Ampeg VT60 Tri Ax

Ampeg VT60 Tri Ax

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Ampeg VT60 Tri Ax troubleshooting:

Amplifier/Receiver Manufacturer: AMPEG
Model: VT-60
Description: 100 watt amp
Amp Bias Type: Adjust if needed after install. Most of the time our matched power tube sets do not need to have the bias readjusted if it was set properly with the prior set of tubes.
Tube Quantity in ( )
Rectifier Tubes: none
Preamp Tubes (matched): 12AX7/ECC83 (4) – JJ/EHX/Tungsol with matched and balanced sections for rich and creamy tones.

12AU7/ECC82 (1) – USA/JJ

Power Amp/Driver Tubes (matched): 6L6GC (2) – Ruby/JJ/Russian matched quad
Total Tubes in this set: 7


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